Versiegeschiedenis van Windows 10

VersieBuildCodenaamBekend alsUitgegevenVerloopt op
150710240Threshold 12015/07/292017/05/09
151110586Threshold 2November Update2015/11/102017/10/10
160714393Redstone 1Anniversary Update2016/08/022018/04/10
170315063Redstone 2Creators Update2017/04/052018/10/09
170916299Redstone 3Fall Creators Update2017/10/172019/04/09
180317134Redstone 4April 2018 Update2018/04/302019/11/12
180917763Redstone 5October 2018 Update2018/11/132020/05/12
19031836219H1May 2019 Update2019/05/212020/12/08
19091836319H2November 2019 Update2019/11/122021/05/11
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Bron: Windows 10 version history

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