End of Life Intel Drivers

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In 2019, several reports surfaced1)2) that Intel started work on cleaning out its driver download center. Shortly afterwards, people found an Internet Archive copy of Intel's driver collection from early 2014.3) This collection was hard to browse through, since the Internet Archive has no capability of displaying the contents of large RAR files like this archive consists of. Therefore, Daan Berg decided to make the contents available for browsing online through his website.

Title Uploaded by Country Snapshot date Status
download.intel.com mirror Jason Scott (Internet Archive) United States 2014-01-07 Public
Oisellerie Yoann Gady France 2011-08-30 Public
SPEZ (older motherboards) Spezvuzautomatika Ukraine 2009-10-12 Public

2) Intel is Removing End of Life Drivers and BIOS Downloads - Lawrence Abrams on Bleeping Computer, November 18, 2019
3) FTP Site: DOWNLOAD.INTEL.COM - Uploaded to Internet Archive by Jason Scott on January 7, 2014
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